In News! - Washington Post, USA Today, ISAP,Nevada Magazine, City of Reno, KRNV / by Kristoffer Pfalmer

    Kristoffer Glenn Imagery has been featured in various publications in the last few weeks.   Most notable is the Washington Post featuring two of my King fire photos in an article online.  ISAP (International Society of Aviation Photographers) posted my Formula 1 photo shoot on their official facebook page. A 2013 Reno Air Race photo has been selected as an editor's pick for the the Great Nevada Picture Hunt, a 2014 Reno Air Race photos has been chosen by the City of Reno to be featured on their monthly "Reno Lens" photo blog post and KRNV News channel 4 has been continuing to use aerial photos taken of the King fire near Lake Tahoe.    Click on the links below to see the published photos.            

    Washington Post coverage of King Fire    

    USA Today Uber Story    

    Nevada Magazine Staff Picks    

    City of Reno "Reno Lens" blog    

    KRNV News 4 coverage of King Fire    

    International Society for Aviation Photographery